The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS) is an independent non-profit institution for the promotion of excellent scholarship and academic cooperation. It aims to attract young talent as well as outstanding senior scholars by offering institutional conditions conducive to innovative research, intellectual creativity and dialogue, thereby supporting the formation of new regional elites. Through its strong interdisciplinary and international orientation it seeks to integrate national and regional scholarship in cross-cultural research on pan-European and global scale. CAS’ principal emphasis in research is in two main areas: 1) History, culture and development of regions in a comparative European perspective (common legacies, developmental and societal problems, cultural and economic exchange, questions of identity, etc.); and 2) Improvement of higher education and academic research in the region and further abroad. For more information on CAS experience, pls. see


People in charge of the project:

Mishkova, mailto
Nikolay Kutsev, mailto
Anna Krasteva, mailto

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