Working Papers

Final Report


Working Paper 1  Cathal McCall: Cross-Border Cooperation and Conflict Amelioration


Working Paper 2  Nira Yuval-Davis: A Situated Intersectional Everyday Approach to the Study of Bordering


Working Paper 3  Heidi Fichter-Wolf: Assessing Cultural-Spatial Change in European Border Areas - Theory-based Considerations in Developing an Understanding of Social (Re)Constructions of Space


Working Paper 4  Kolosov and Scott: Selected Conceptual Issues in Border Studies


Working Paper 5  Miika Tervonen:Re-conceptualizing the Finnish Eastern Border: a pilot study on discourses in Suomen Kuvalehti, 1990 - 2010


Working Paper 6  Hans-Joachim Bürkner: Imaginaries: Post-Structuralist Readings of Bordering and Europeanization


Working Paper 7 James W. Scott: Bordering, border politics and cross-border cooperation in Europe


Working Paper 8  Pertti Joenniemi: City-twinning as Local Foreign Policy:The Case of Kirkenes-Nickel


Working Paper 9  Frédéric Durand: Theoretical framework of the cross-border space production - the case of the Eurometropolis Lille - Kortrijk - Tournai


Working Paper 10  Christophe Sohn: On borders’ multiplicity: A perspective  from assemblage theory


Working Paper 11  Bernhard Koeppen: The EU's internal market paradigm as de-bordering tool and dominant vision for Europe?


Working Paper 12 Johan Schimanski: Changing Borders in Published Migration Narratives in Norwegian


Working Paper 14 Krisztina Keresztély and James W. Scott: Roma Communities, Urban Development and Social Bordering in the Inner City of Budapest


Working Paper 15 Tamar Arielli: Municipal Cooperation across Securitized Borders in the Post-Conflict Environment: The Gulf of Aqaba


Working Paper 16 Miika Raudaskoski: From “between” to Europe: Remapping Finland in the post-Cold War Europe


Working Paper 17 Frédéric DURAND and Thomas PERRIN: The “represented” borderscape of the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai: What interplay between cross-border integration and cross-border cooperation?


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