The Centre for Independent Social Research was founded in 1991 as an independent research institute. CISR's fundamental goal is to develop academic social research. The position that CISR occupies in the sociological community is connected with the organisation's methodological preferences: CISR's researchers are primarily guided by qualitative sociological methodology. Today CISR scholars mostly conduct academic sociological research in the following areas: Ethnicity, migration, nationalism; Border studies; Gender studies; Social Studies of Economy, Social Milieu and Social Structure; Environmental Sociology; Cultural and Symbolic production. Up to 40-50 projects are conducted annually, most of them in cooperation with specialists from all over Russia and abroad; more than 100 articles in Russian and international journals are annually published by CISR 30 academic employees.

People in charge of the project:

Elena Nikiforova, mailto cisr, or mailto 

Olga Brednikova, mailto cisr, or mailto 

Olga Tkach, mailto cisr, or mailto 

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